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Content of Lab 4


Hi, my name is Adelaide. I am a 17 years old commerce student. I love to play basketball and play guitar.

image of art galery

I also really enjoy admiring art. This picture was taken during a photography exposition taking place in a castle in France this summer. I wanted to share this picture because this exposition has been one of my favorites.

image of a dog

Did I mention that I love dogs? Well I do, and this is the dog of my neighboors in France. I wanted to share this picture because let's be honest who doesn't love dogs. image of a tree

I also love traveling. This picture was taken in France in a city I'd never been too before. The climate there makes it possible for the city to be really flowery which is what I really loved about that place.


As previously mentionned, i love playing basketball. I have been playing this sport since i was a kid and was part of my high school team. In our last season we won a championship and that was one of the best day of my life.

Life aspirations

I am a commerce student that still doesn't really know what she wants to be in the futur. I'm thinking of going in management, but who knows, I might change my mind.

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